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Federico Ragona

Passionate software developer, jogger, and photographer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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March 29th, 2015 - Zandvoort Circuit

One month after starting to jog regularly I decide to sign up for a running event in the next months and I end up on this website, which shows pictures of people running in t-shirts on the beach, bathing in the sun…

“I have to join this event!”

Then the day of the event comes and the weather is actually cold and stormy, with heavy rain and wind blowing hard… The overall distance to run is 12km, 4 of which on the sand with the wind blowing against us and they are really tough. In spite of the weather, I really enjoy the event: the streets are full of people cheering us and the feeling both at the starting line and when crossing the finish line is simply amazing! I end up in the second half of the ranking!

At the finish line